History of whoo whitening intensive

history of whoo whitening intensive

A little goes a long way, both dont make me breakout, negative sides. I cant find any, except the fact that the full size product is freaking expensive lol. Rating : 5/5 full hearts! Will I repurchase this? I will not get another product outside of their brands you can call me anything you want, but this time i will not change my skincare routine. Maybe i will buy the full range of both line have you ever tried their seol Whitening line and soon Hwan line? Comment below and share your experience advertisements.

And its not that moisturizing either, which is a good thing for. I just apply my Clean Clear oil free moisturizer on top of this, and Im done. How long can 1 sample pack jurk goes? For me its about 3 or 4 days max, twice a day. Dont get me wrong, i verwijderen use a generous amount of these products. But, each sample pack contains different amount of product I guess. My 2nd sample pack of seol Whitening Essence can only last me for 2 days. Lets wrap all this long talk up, positive sides, both gives my skin enough moisture to my skin without making it oily. These stuffs really work! Not pricey for the sample packs.

history of whoo whitening intensive
Essence. I am so surprised with this essence! I didnt bother to take before-after photos too because i thought. Ah, what can 1 sample pack do for my face. I probably gonna need at least a month supply of this to make a difference. Oh my lord, this is the best essence for my troubled skin that I has found so far! It didnt make any purging on my skin, yet it cleared out my cheek acnes so up till now I dont have any new blemishes on my cheek, which is a very good thing! Full size, now, the soon Hwan Essence is a clear, light brown coloured water-like substance, the same as the seol Whitening Essence.
history of whoo whitening intensive

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This essence comes in shimmery opaque white water-like substance. Its not too oily, yet not that moisturizing for the dry skins. For me, well since i have mad oily skin this essence is just right! It doesnt make my face oily, but I can feel that it gives my skin enough moisture through out the day oh dont worry, this will not make your face shimmery all day. It absorbs so fast that I can apply moisturizer right after I finish applying this to my whole face. Full size, next thing is the most important question, so does this thing work? Are you curious of the answer? Well the answer. It does did the job.

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history of whoo whitening intensive

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history of whoo whitening intensive

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Lately ive been pushing myself to update my blog, but somehow either I got lazy or Im just not in the mood to blog Ah why is this happening. Anyway, im here today to share my thoughts about. The history Of Whoo seol Whitening Essence first. Ive been using this for about a week. I bought 4 sample size of this and now Im already halfway on my last sample pack. The history of Whoo seol Whitening Essence. I really really regret that I didnt take before-after photos. Although, Im not sure if you can see the difference in photos. Okay, lets start with the consistency of the product.

History of whoo whitening intensive
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